1776 - O'Connell & Company

 "...it is startling and wonderful when Emily Yancey, as South Carolina’s  Edward Rutledge, unleashes her soaring soprano on the terrifying  “Molasses to Rum.”" 

- Anthony Chase, The Buffalo News

1776 - O'Connell & Company

"Yancey, who last season presented a full recital of classical and  operatic arias at Buff State, is the “real deal” and brought the house  down with the dark and brooding “Molasses to Rum”"

- Peter Hall, Buffalo Rising

Killer Rack: The Feminist Horror Musical Comedy - Alleyway

"Emily Yancey’s leading performance is a revelation.  She is a fine comedian with earned emotion and killer instincts.  I can’t wait to see more of her work." 

- Ben Siegel, The Buffalo News 

Killer Rack: The Feminist Horror Musical Comedy - Alleyway

"Emily Yancey is perfection as Betty Downer." 

- Anthony Chase 

Stupid F***ing Bird - ART of WNY

"Emily Yancey offers her second great performance of the season,  following a star turn in Alleyway’s 'Killer Rack.' Here she’s just as  captivating, and by the play’s end, deeply moving." 

- Ben Siegel, The  Buffalo News 

Oklahoma! - Lancaster Opera House

"As Laurey, Yancey is the picture of impetuousness and her voice is  glorious on songs like “People Will Say We’re in Love” and “Out of My  Dreams.”" 

- Colin Dabkowski,The Buffalo News 

Fiddler on the Roof - Lancaster Opera House

"Hodel may be only one of five daughters, but actress Emily Yancey  makes sure Tevye’s second in line for marriage delivers one of the  stronger performances of the night." 

- Matt Chandler, The Buffalo News 

Carrie: The Musical - ART of WNY

"Coloratura soprano Yancey is invaluable." 

- Ted Hadley, The Buffalo News

I'm Fine - Alleyway Theatre

 "Emily Yancey, invaluable and grounded as Allison." 

- Ted Hadley, The Buffalo News 

The Taming - Brazen-Faced Varlets

"Emily Yancey, recently seen in bawdier roles in "Philosophus" and  "Killer Rack," shows off less of her bosom and more of her exceptional  brain as feminist eco-warrior Bianca..." 

- Melinda Miller, The Buffalo  News 

Lunaria - Title Track of Chiptune Album by Danimal Cannon

"Emily Yancey adds quite a bit of energy to the title track with her soaring vocals that really get me to crank up the volume." 

- Jeff Nixon